Certificate Requirements

The University of Georgia Local Food Systems Certificate


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Students must take minimum of 18 hours of coursework from the list(s) below. 

Certificate students must take the following “core” classes:

1) HORT 4030 Community Food Production (3) AND,

2) GEOG 3660 Geography of Food (3) OR ALDR 3820 Reflections on Fighting Hunger (3) OR ANTH 3541 Anthropology of Eating (3), AND

3) GEOG 4890 Athens Urban Food Collective (3)

In addition to the “core” of three courses above, students must select 3 courses from the listing below. Courses must come at least two of the different categories.


Environment and Production

CRSS 4010 /6220 Sustainable Ag. Sys. (3)

ENVE 2320 Envir. Eng. of Urban Sys. (3)

FISH 4550/6550 Conservation Aquaculture (3)

HORT 3300 Organic Gardening (3)

HORT 3920: UGArden Internship (3) (offered Fall, Spring and Summer)

LAND 4360 Applied Landscape Ecology (3)

Food and Nutrition and Culture

ALDR 3820 Reflections on Fighting Hunger (3)

ANTH 3541 Anthropology of Eating (3)

ANTH 3440 Herbs and Medicinal Plants (3)

FDNS 3200 World Hunger and Human Nutrit. (3)

FDNS 4050/6050 Opt. Nutr. for the Lifespan (3)

FDNS 4600 Food and the Consumer (3)

FDNS 4630 Cult. Aspects of Foods and Nutr. (3)

Policy and Decision Making

AAEC 3060 Principles of Resource Economics

EDES 4650/6650 City Planning

FDST 4100/6100 Govt Reg. of Food Safe. & Quality (3)

GEOG 3660 Geography of Food (3)

HACE 3000 Family Res. Mgmt  (3)

GEOG 4860/6860 Indust. Agrifood System (3)

HACE 4000/6000S Research Methods in

Housing & Consumer Economics (3)

*  Any pre-approved, for-credit, internship experience, from any department, may be substituted for one of the courses above, provided they reflect the objectives of the LFS Certificate. Other courses, not on the approved list above, may be included in the LFS Certificate program of study. Instructors and students should submit a request to the certificate coordinator for consideration. (dberle@uga.edu)